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Contactless train passes with Visa

Pay your fare using contactless payment cards and rings
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Social Cards

Get social cards of some regions from our bank!
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Get ready for your next big trip

Pay with IBA Miles and earn rewards
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Easy way to make payments

Pay with ring anywhere that accepts contactless
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Savings mortgage loan

Purchase an apartment on favorable terms
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Buy what you want today, pay in installments

Installment payment up to 24 months with TamKart

Simple and fast

One-touch bank services

Buy what you want today, pay in installments

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The International Bank of Azerbaijan has the right plastic card for you. Browse our full range of plastic card categories.

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Affordable loans from the International Bank of Azerbaijan. Special discounts for our salary and pension cardholders.

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Offices & ATMs

With up to 900 the International Bank of Azerbaijan ATMs, 53 branches and 23 sub-branches, we are easy to find.

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Currency rates

Last updated: 18.06.2021
Currency Sell Buy
USD 1.7020 1.6970
EUR 2.0482 1.9753
RUB 0.0244 0.0200
Last updated: 18.06.2021 All currency rates

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