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as at 19.03.2019
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as at 19.03.2019
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Currency CBA rate Cash operations Non-cash operations Cash operations Non-cash operations
USD 1.7000 1.6970 1.6780 1.7030 1.7020
EUR 1.9288 1.8806 1.8806 1.9365 1.9423
GBP 2.2567 2.2003 2.2003 2.2838 2.2793
RUR 0.0264 0.0251 0.0247 0.0266 0.0266
CHF 1.6988 1.5799 1.6139 1.8177 1.7837
JPY 0.0153 0.0142 0.0145 0.0164 0.0161
CAD 1.2751 1.1858 1.2113 1.3644 1.3389
AUD 1.2076 1.1231 1.1472 1.2921 1.2680
TRY 0.3110 - - - -
AED 0.4628 0.4165 0.4397 0.4952 0.4859
SEK 0.1842 0.1713 0.1750 0.1971 0.1934
NOK 0.1990 0.1851 - 0.2129 -
DKK 0.2585 0.2404 - 0.2766 -
KZT 0.0045 - 0.0043 - 0.0059
GEL 0.6337 - - - -
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The International Bank of Azerbaijan launches new mobile application


The International Bank of Azerbaijan is distinguished by its innovative approach of launches to its customers a digital service “IBAm”, based on Backbase platform, which is one of the leading brands in the field of digital banking.


This platform, regardless of time and place, allow their users to manage bank accounts, make various payments. Users of “IBAm” will benefit from the following advantages:

• Information about customer accounts;

• Types of plastic cards, their status, as well as information on the current balance;

• History of transactions on card and current accounts;

• Blocking and unlocking plastic cards;

• Activation and deactivation of the SMS-notification service;

• Transfers to cards of both the International Bank of Azerbaijan and cards of many other banks of the country;

• Transfers from card to card and from account to account;

• Information about the location of bank branches, ATMs and payment terminals;

• Constantly updated exchange rates and currency converter;

• Payments for utilities, mobile communications, cable television and other services.


The number of functions, capabilities and integration of new updates of these digital services will continue to grow. The use of the above services is completely safe and controlled through one-time passwords.


For the clients of the International Bank of Azerbaijan, the connection and use of the services of "IBAm" is completely free. Clients, who have joined these services till 15th of may 2018 will be able to transfer to existing current accounts and cards, as well as to the cards of most banks in the country without commission.


Users of operational systems IOS and Android will be able to download the “IBAm” application in the AppStore and Google Play, respectively.


Download links:

Google Play -

App Store -


Information about products and services of the International Bank of Azerbaijan, the modern state bank of the country, can be found on the official website in all 36 branches and 40 bank sub-branches, by calling the Information Center at the short number 937, as well as on the official website Bank in the social network Facebook.

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