InternetBank system enables you to manage your current account, deposit, or loans without leaving your office:

  • Generate your account statements;
  • View account balances online;
  • Transfer money between your accounts and to your local counterparties;
  • Currency exchange;
  • Transfer money abroad (via SWIFT);
  • Pay VAT;
  • View your deposits;
  • View your loans;
  • Make bulk payments to multiple accounts;
  • View currency exchange rates online.

You can set-up multi-level access rights (data input, authorization, etc) for each user of InternetBank according to your internal procedures

If needed, the integration of your SAP ERP software with our InternetBank system is possible.

How to subscribe

Subscribing to InternetBank is simple:

Using our innovative "Password Calculator" product, you can now get access to your Internet Banking accounts via your mobile phones. "Password Calculator" can be downloaded to your mobile phone via this link:



Attention users!

Clients who have connected to the InternetBank service since January 21, 2020, can download  "Password Calculator" to their mobile phone using this link: 

IOS: -

Android: -

  • Contact your branch;
  • Your account manager will inform you about the process of subscription and the features of the InternetBank;
  • Fill in the application form and sign the contract. It is important to specify the access rights which will be granted to each user;
  • Each user will get a one-time passwords generator key and login details;
  • Go to InternetBank page;
  • Start managing your accounts!

User manuals

Before starting using InternetBank, please download User manuals here:

Video training on downloading salary files via InternetBank:

Charge and fees

If the key's quantity is 1 and/or 2 free

If key's quantity more than 2 and for each additional key

AZN 30


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