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as at 07.08.2020
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Currency rates

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as at 07.08.2020
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Currency CBA rate Cash operations Non-cash operations Internet Banking Cash operations Non-cash operations Internet Banking
USD 1.7000 1.6970 1.6780 1.6785 1.7020 1.7025 1.7022
EUR 2.0120 1.9617 1.9617 1.9623 2.0321 2.0301 2.0297
GBP 2.2300 2.1742 2.1742 2.1749 2.2612 2.2568 2.2564
RUB 0.0232 0.0197 0.0209 0.0209 0.0241 0.0241 0.0241
CHF 1.8637 1.7332 1.7705 1.7711 1.9942 1.9569 1.9565
JPY 0.0161 0.0150 0.0153 0.0153 0.0172 0.0169 0.0169
CAD 1.2725 1.1834 1.2089 1.2093 1.3616 1.3361 1.3358
AUD 1.2251 1.1393 1.1638 1.1642 1.3109 1.2864 1.2862
TRY 0.2340 0.2100 0.2188 0.2189 0.2500 0.2457 0.2457
AED 0.4628 0.4165 0.4397 0.4398 0.4952 0.4859 0.4858
SEK 0.1949 0.1813 0.1852 0.1853 0.2085 0.2046 0.2046
NOK 0.1885 0.1753 0.1791 0.1792 0.2017 0.1979 0.1979
DKK 0.2701 0.2512 - - 0.2890 - -
KZT 0.0041 - 0.0039 0.0039 - 0.0053 0.0053
GEL 0.5533 - - - - - -
CNY 0.2440 - 0.2281 0.2282 - 0.2562 0.2562
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IBAbanking - Internet Bank

IBA Banking is the internet application from the International Bank of Azerbaijan. IBA Banking gives to the bank customers an opportunity for making rapid bank operations without coming to the International Bank of Azerbaijan office.


Our Bank’s services are being more efficient and closer. It’s enough to open a card or a current account. Then go to and choose Internet Banking application for registration.


  • At the first stage choose a language of the system
  • Then press “Sign up” button
  • Go to the link “Rules and conditions of Bank’s services”
  • After that click “I agree” button
  • Insert your FIN-code to the first line. To see a specimen of FIN-code you can use an instructive window
  • Insert your phone number, which you presented during opening account and press “Confirm” button.
  • Insert code, which you received to your phone and press “Confirm” button.
  • Create new login and password
  • Confirm your password again
  • Choose “Secret question” from the list
  • Answer the question and for confirmation press “Sign up” button.
  • Congratulations! Your registration was successfully finished.
  • Done! Press “Enter” button and use services of Internet Banking.


Password recovery

Recovery of forgotten password in the Internet Banking application can be doing with 2 ways:


1. By using login and recovery password function at the first page of the application:

  • You write your ID PIN-code and received code from SMS, then write your secret question and answer
  • You insert and confirm new password


2. By using Call Centre (937)


Information about accounts:


Current accounts:

  • You can obtain all information about your accounts: account’s type, opened account’s Branch code, account’s rest;
  • Identify the name of account from customer;


Payment Cards:

  • Information about payment cards – card type, balance, SMS-notification, card status;
  • Control of operations and statement from account
  • You can activate or deactivate SMS-notification, change language of SMS-notification
  • Temporal block of card or unblock
  • Card can be constantly blocked
  • You can make remittance and pay service fees.



  • Here you can remit funds with your payment card to current accounts or to other card.


Service fees payment:

  • Communal expenses – gas, water, energy
  • Internet: payment of various internet operators
  • Mobile network: payment of various mobile operators
  • TV: payment of various TV companies

Charges and fees

Connecting and using of Internet Banking system is FREE.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use for Mobile and Internet (Web) Banking


These Terms should be carefully read and accepted by individuals for use of the Mobile abnd Internet Banking.

1. The terms used in Terms of Use for the Mobile and Internet Banking (hereinafter "the Terms") have the following meanings:

Bank - "International Bank of Azerbaijan" Open Joint Stock Company;

Digital banking – remote offer of the Bank’s services and products to customers via digital technologies and devices. By Digital Banking this documents means Mobile Banking application and Internet Banking.

Mobile banking – the type of service for the management of bank accounts via a mobile phone, software, or mobile application that allows the Client to perform certain operations without coming to the Bank (remotely). The Mobile banking can only be used on mobile devices (by subscribers/customers of all mobile carriers);

Internet Banking - the type of service for the management of bank accounts via a web/internet and portable computers software, that allows the Client to perform certain operations without coming to the Bank (remotely). The Internet banking can only be used on portable computer devices;

User - the Bank's client, who is registered in Mobile and Internet Banking and accepted the Terms;

Password - A password known only to the client and providing access to the software or mobile application. Documents, confirmed by a password, have the same legal force as documents on paper, confirmed by a personal signature of the user. In case of contradictions, information on paper has the precedence;

SIM card - (Subscriber Identification Module) - the client identification module used in the mobile communication network;

Asan İmza - mobile identification for verification of the identity of the User at the time of acess to electronic services and using a digital signature;

Accounts - Bank accounts opened for individuals. Accounts mean current and savings accounts;

Current account - Accounts opened for individuals in order to receive incoming funds to their account, transfer and withdraw funds, as well as for execution of orders on other operations on the account;

Savings account - an account opened in accordance with the agreement on a bank deposit to attract customers' funds, accounting for deposits and conducting corresponding operations;

Payment card - a means of payment used for making non-cash payments and withdrawing cash;

Tariffs – a fee, determined unilaterally by the Bank and paid by the User in exchange for services rendered;

Identity document - the documents mentioned in the part "Note" of item 3 of the "Rules for Opening, Maintaining and Closing Accounts in Banks" of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2. Carrying out transactions through the Mobile and Internet Banking :

» Payment cards

  • Ordering a new card
  • Ordering a virtual card
  • Card cancellation
  • Card’s account statement
  • Information on the balance of the card
  • Transfer of money from card to card
  • Transfer of money from the card to the current account
  • Sıgn-up/cancellation of the SMS notification service
  • Blocking a card
  • Putting limits on the use of the card
  • "Cash by Code" service
  • Transfer of money from the current account to the card account
  • Transfer of money to another person's current account
  • Transfer of money to another person's current account in another bank
  • Online payments

» Current accounts

  • Balance Information
  • Account statement
  • Money transfer between own accounts
  • Transfer of money from one's account to another person's bank account
  • Transferring money from one's account to another person's bank account in another bank (XOHKS)
  • Recurring payments on invoices
  • Online payments

» Deposits

  • Processing of deposits
  • Increasing amount of deposits
  • Bank Statement oo deposits
  • Deposit calculator

» Loans

  • Loans, loan debts, schedule and payment history

          • Requesting a loan

          • Loan payment

» Other services

  •   Exchange rates
  •   Service network (branch, department, ATM)
  •   Current campaign and news

3. Responsibilities and obligations of the User :

a. Taking all possible measures to prevent theft or loss of ownership of a mobile phone, SIM card and mobile device by any other means and excluding the possibility of illegal use by third parties;

b. In case of lost, stolen or forgotten user access data (password), the User apllies to the Bank's Internet Banking website or to his/her branch of the Bank with his/her ID. After the application, the data is checked, the old data is deleted and replaced with a new one;

c. In case if the User has lost the user access data (password) and the code word and they can not be updated by the user, he/she immediately applies to his/her branch of the Bank with his / her ID. After the application, the data is checked and updated by sending a request for data;

d. The user is responsible for the Internet connection, the proper functioning of the Digital Banking application and mobile/computer device;

e. The User is responsible for problems caused by incorrect installation of the software by the user;

f. The Bank does not bear any responsibility for adverse events that may occur during the data transmission executed by the User and does not participate in disputes between the User and his Internet provider;

g. The User bears full responsibility for arrangement of the electronic transactions carried out via the Digital Banking system in accordance with the existing legislation, for their confirmation by entering access data, as well as the reliability and completeness of information entered into the Digital Banking System, all associated risks, and user's losses;

h. The Bank shall not be liable for damages incurred by the User as a result of loss of the mobile phone, SIM card and/or mobile device, including due to theft or misuse by third parties;

i. The User acknowledges the right of the Bank to refuse to connect any account/accounts or type/types of accounts of the User to the Digital Banking service, as well as to refuse to allow the User to carry out any type of transaction through Digital Banking;

j. The User acknowledges the Bank's right to amend the Terms and Digital Banking unilaterally. The day when the Modified Terms are placed in Digital Banking is considered the day of their acknowledgement by the User.

4. The procedure for the submission and consideration of requests and protests :

The user can apply to the information center of the Bank with an appropriate request or protest in connection with misunderstandings arising during the registration or after it.

5. Legal force of electronic documents:

a. These Terms, including the Terms unilaterally modified by the Bank, have the same legal effect as documents certified by the User's personal signature on paper;

b. When confirmed in accordance with the procedure established by law (Electronic Signature Law), the documents have the same legal effect as documents certified by the User's personal signature on paper. In case of contradictions, information on paper has the precedence;;

c. Electronic requests and orders, entering into the Bank on transactions, carried out by the User through Digital Banking are the basis for the Bank to carry out operations on the Accounts of the User;

d. These Terms, including the Terms unilaterally modified by the Bank, and documents confirmed via the Digital Banking are evidences during the resolution of disputes.


e-PIN xidməti vasitəsilə pin kodun təyin olunması

e-PIN, Azərbaycan Beynəlxalq Bankından kart əldə edərkən PİN kodun banka məxsus ATM-lər və ya bankın rəsmi internet saytından təyin edilməsi xidmətidir. Bu zaman əməliyyatların tam təhlükəsizliyi təmin olunur. Bu xidmətdən istifadə sizin vaxtınıza qənaət etməklə bərabər, PİN kodunuzun sonradan unudulması hallarını da aradan qaldırır. 


Xidmətdən sayt üzərindən bu link vasitəsilə istifadə edə bilərsiniz:


Qeyd edək ki, bu imkan ancaq bankdan yeni sifariş edilən kartlara aiddir.


PIN kodun rəsmi internet saytı vasitəsilə təyin olunması


Addım 1.  e-PIN bölməsinə daxil oluruq


Addım 2. Açılan pəncərədə kart məlumatlarımızı daxil edirik.


Addım 3. Məlumatlar daxil edildikdən sonra karta bağlı nömrənizə SMS-lə kod göndəriləck. PİN təyin etmək üçün SMS vasitəsilə daxil olmuş kodda ulduzların yerinə karta təyin olunacaq PİN kod yazılmalıdır. Məsələn test üçün istifadə olundu: 2222


Addım 4. Ulduzların yerinə karta təyin olunacaq PİN kodla birlikdə ümumi kodu daxil edirsiniz


Addım 5. OK düyməsni vurduqdan sonra yeni parolunuz təyin olunacaqdır.


PIN kodun ATM vasitəsilə təyin olunması


Addım 1. Kartı ATM daxil edib e-PIN bölməsinə daxil olursunuz


Addım 2. Kart sifariş olunduqdan sonra (plastic locked statusuna keçdikdə) SMS vasitəsilə birdəfəlik PİN kod göndərilir.


Addım 3. ATM vasitəsilə E-PİN təyin olunduqda ilk öncə birdəfəlik PİN kod daxil edilməli, sonra isə müştəri öz istədiyi PİN kodu daxil etməlidir.


Addım 4. Öz istəyinizlə təyin etdiyiniz PIN kodu təkrar daxil edirsiniz.


Addım 5. PIN kodunuz təyin edilmişdir.